KompuFAST+, a fast growing retailer of high-quality and modern electronics, incorporated and fully registered in Haiti, is renowned for the distribution of a diverse variety of products with personal computers and mobile phones being its core market focus. The company distributes top quality products at reasonable and competitive prices and relies on its distinguished staff to differentiate itself from other retailers in the Haitian market.  Our inventory of products usually makes available in their best models all popular brands like Toshiba, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Blackberry, Samsung, Apple  just to name a few.  In addition, our variety of products includes more than just personal computers and mobile phones; we sell all sorts of technology and computer accessories and peripherals.  Furthermore, our customers are conveniently able to place special orders for products we don’t have on hand.  KompuFAST+ projects itself of becoming the #1 retailer of technology products in Haiti merely by eliminating the unreasonable mark-ups that have been the norm of the market thus far, by availing top-quality products and by offering swift and unparallel service.

The company has two major pillars to its corporate model: Competitive and fair pricing strategy and a sales group that is not restrained and confined by stores. The decision to exist quasi-virtually and to transact via its extremely qualified and motivated sales group has been a strategic advantage to us in terms of fixed costs management; a competitive advantage that benefits our customers greatly as well.  The first component of our model is achieved by eliminating the various costs associated with the maintenance of physical stores; as such the company is better able to share its savings with customers in the form of reasonable and competitive pricing.  The second facet of our model is pronouncedly carried out by our sales team which is comprised of rather distinguished and motivated associates who strive to master the products they are selling and carefully match them based on each buyer’s specific need.  Our promise to sell the best products at fair prices is fulfilled by our associates whose personal reputation are intertwined with that our company; they are the face of our company.  Guided by these precepts, KompuFAST+ is of the strong belief that it can attain its goal of becoming an important market-share holder.

stock-vector-tablet-pc-wireless-cloud-computing-communication-concept-85107457-225If our plan to success is a great one, it’s because the company’s corporate vision, its mission and philosophy are compatible with what the market needs, wants, and most importantly, what it deserves.  KompuFAST+’s mission is to make available cutting edge and top-quality technology products to all willing buyers in Haiti.  Furthermore, our corporate vision is to become the # 1 retailer in the market specifically by virtue of distributing the cutting edge products aforementioned at very affordable prices and through a sales team that is empathetic beyond what buyers are used to.  A great part of the market research we performed revealed that customers feel left out in the economics of price setting by the main market players.  Another part of our research indicates the rare times when products’ prices are reasonable coincide with those when they are of poor quality.  Needless to reiterate students, professionals and parents, in fact all buyers deserve better.

They are those who are skeptical about our company’s chances of being accepted by most buyers because it lacks physical presence of stores.  On one hand, KompuFAST+ would like to reveal to those that we get our products from the same source as our competitors with the exception that we procure better model with more up-to-date features and specifications; thus there is no doubt that the consumers are buying  the same or better products from us.  On the other, the company reminds these skeptics that it is instead our competitors’ challenges to not only match our fair and affordable prices, but also to provide consumers the same unparalleled service our associates pledge to.  In addition, the company does have a web presence in the electronic address of  Realistically, KompuFAST+’s model is a winning proposition that promises the fulfillment of its very own corporate vision, and more importantly affordability, quality products, and great service to the  deserving consumers of the market.  Therefore, KompuFAST+ is more than convinced that its future is very promising.