B2C – Individuals

Are you in need for any brand laptop or notebook, or their peripherals?  You have come to the right place!  We have it all!  KompuFAST+ has helped many like you address their needs for all kind of consumer technology products.  First, our dedicated agents strive their best to understand your unique need by asking all the right questions regarding the specification of the product that you, as a consumer, inherently would or should ask.  Secondly, KompuFAST+ as a company, we pledge to sell the best and the most high-end quality products to our consumers.  Below is a comprehensive list of items we carry or are able to order upon your command:

  • Computers (All Brands; PC, Mac, Laptop, Mini Notebooks)
  • Tablets (All brands)
  • Peripherals: External & Jump Drives, Keyboards, Special & Replacement Screens, Mouses, Monitors etc…
  • Projecters and related items (All brands),
  • Phones (iPhones 4, 5, 5s, 5c, HTC, Samsung, Blackberries [9930, 9900, 9860, 9760, Storm 1&2, 9300, 9360], etc…)

B2B – Companies, NGOs, Government Entities, Schools, & Religious Entities

A distinguished group of KompuFAST+’s agents caters mainly to businesses and other entities with large quantity orders.  Simply indicate what your company or entity needs, and our agents will swiftly draft a quote valid for 30 days.  Up your agreement with the terms of the quote, your company makes a 20% deposit to execute and guarantee the order.  If KompuFAST+ has the products on hand, they are immediately delivered.  Otherwise, the order is processed through our service described below, kompuFAST- Order.